This image describes the difference between leftism and classical liberalism. We are losing what liberalism used to mean.

This image details the big difference between Closed Conservatives and Value Conservatives. It is just as important as the difference between leftists and liberals. Conservatives never see two sides within there own ranks, until now.

Image of something I call the High Road, a diagram concept for a new book I hope to start in late 2019.

When you look at this image closely, you can begin to imagine the possibility of creating a direct republic of common consent for the entire state of California. No more parties, no more power struggles, just pure voice and vote kept together like they are supposed to be.


The real difference between Common Consent and Democracy, the foundation for a decentralized world. A renaissance can be built on this model.

Sample exercise of something I call Dreams and Ideals. Every once in a while I redo this for a better reflection of my own thoughts.