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Keith is the Author of The Political Optimist: The Restoration of Common Consent, and you can find him by searching for Genuine Optimist. He is a visionary founder of Local Common Wealth (see localcommonwealth.org) and founder and CEO of Vision Impact Leadership (see visionimpactleadership.com). He is a licensed general contractor at kelschconstruction.com and part time faculty member at Dixie State University. His main focus is decentralizing away from political cultures in order to establish autonomy locally. Troubless times await us in the next few years and it is not enough to prepare individually. We must prepare as entire communities. If you are tired of motivational talkers selling more self help, and if you feel more inspired in a group with vision rather than sit and listen to another success pusher on stage, then The Genuine Optimist is for you. Topics include:

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  • Leadership

  • Vision

  • Community Wealth

  • Common Consent

  • Religious Prophecy

  • Education

  • Networking

  • Decentralization

  • Political Optimism (yuck!)

  • Genuine Optimism (yes!)

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Keith Kelsch

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